Monday, December 1, 2008

Their favorite time of year...

This past weekend, I put some of the finishing touches on the decorating for Christmas at our house. I purchased some red pillows to match the new lampshade, as well as an ubersoft blanket (it is ridiculous how soft this damned blanket is...) and an additional strand of lights for the tree. Which I did not get a picture of, I just realized. Oh well! Further updating to come, I guess!

Imagine a tree where the shiny mirrored table is, and you'll get the idea of what the space looks like now that the decorating is complete.

We moved the table and the lamp to the side of the couch in front of the mirror, and now there is light that just bounces all over that corner, boy! Good thing the lamp has a dimmer on it. Which was a pleasant surprise to me after I finally figured out how to turn it off the first night we had it. (Shut up! It was weird, and goes the wrong way than it should, so I was confused...)

I'm all for keeping the theme to the current red and gold accented decorating that we've been building on over the last few years. This might be the last year for the current tree and the globes we have for it, though, but I'll save that discussion for when I have actual pictures of the tree.

I did manage to find some stockings that I liked at Target, pictured to the right. So cute! I don't know why I didn't think of that bookcase as being the perfect spot to hang some during Christmas last year...I guess I'm just so used to the traditional over-the-fireplace location for them, it just never even crossed my mind.

We don't decorate a lot more than the living room and the outside of the house, though. I'm not one of those types that goes all out and buys linens for the bathroom, or special comforters for the beds in the house. My mother-in-law did make us a lovely Advent wreath for our kitchen table, so we set that up every year now.

But other than that, we keep things pretty basic. I think eventually, once we have more storage, and possibly a larger house to entertain in, we'll get heavier on the holiday decor. But for now, this suits us just fine.

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