Friday, December 5, 2008

I love my new lamp...

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the fact that I'd been able to pick up a lamp I'd had my eye on at Pottery Barn for a while. I put it in its new home, on the Venetian mirror table I bought from Target a while back (it was intended as a possible side table for the guest bedroom, but my husband didn't like it in there, so I put it in the living room instead - ha!), and placed the festive red shade on it for the holidays. (I also have the taupe colored shade to put on the lamp during the rest of the year.)

I just love the way the lamp and the table look together! And the mirroring between the two means that light bounces all over the place, which is why I love the fact that the lamp has a built-in dimmer on it - so I can change the level of the lighting and dim the relative harshness that seems to develop once night sets in, and even the 40 watt bulb we have in there seems as bright as the sun.

I think the two items are just gorgeous together...I'm so glad they've come to live with us!

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