Friday, December 19, 2008

The holidays slow me down...

Its my plan to post here more than once a week, just for future reference. But its hard this time of year, trying to keep up with work, car repairs, parties for friends, buying presents, etc, etc...I promise to be better about it in the new year.

Right now, there's still so much that I'd like to do to the house, its scary. But it also involves money we just don't have right now, so I'll just have to wait. And in the meantime, focus on the things we have been able to do.

The master bedroom, for example, is finally complete. We have the art up, the shelves in, and the rug down. There is only one more thing that needs to happen in there, and we can't do it until Spring comes...that is to stain the side-tables by the bed.

They were side tables that I inherited from my older sister, long ago when I first moved to Kansas City. They're barewood pine that have always sort of gone with the decor in the bedrooms they've been in up till now, because nothing was as designed as it is now. And while I'm all for a mix of woods in other areas of the house, the bare pine doesn't lend itself to the Contemporary Traditional style we have going in the bedroom at. all. So we'll be staining them a darker cherry once the weather warms a bit, and we can do the project in the garage.

The stain will match, somewhat, to the stain on our dresser we have in our master. Seen here. Underneath...THE NEW MATISSE! Ok, ok...its just a copy we got from ZGallery, but we LOOOVE it.

We have very little art in the bedroom. I'm not big on covering every surface with a frame of some sort, so I put up the black and white landscapes that I've carried with me for years on the west wall of the room.

We have a bench on that side from the "Hudson" collection at Target. On the opposite wall, next to the door to the master bath, we have two of the narrow bookshelves from the Hudson collection as well...they weren't exactly what we wanted there, but they fit the budget, and they look substantial and very pretty in the side-by-side set up we have them in. (We put them together without the back on them, so the paint on the wall would show through and make them less imposing when placed side-by-side.) I haven't taken a picture of that yet...maybe this weekend I'll manage to find the time.

Once we had the color up on the walls in the bedroom, we decided that it would be nice to carry it out into the hallway as well. We had some leftover paint from the bedroom, and I'm so glad we decided to make the change! It looks wonderful from all angles, and breaks up the color from the living room being carried into the front guest room.

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything about the house addition here yet! It's what got me all into the whole interior decorating kick that I'm into right now, so I really should get more info up here, eh? I'll work on that over the next couple of weeks.

Right now, I'm off to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Yay! The mall! Ugh...


Chimpotle said...

I wasn't a very big fan of the stripe until seeing it just now centered with the picture frames.

My wife wants to do the same color scheme in our bedroom, with a blue just a bit darker. The only furniture we have with the proper stain is the bed.

Jennifer said...

It was fun finding the paint. The only thing that we made the mistake of doing was the finish on it...we picked a flat paint, for some unknown reason. We should have gone with an eggshell at the very least. The flat paint is hard to clean, and shows where you've made attempts to do so. (We had to chalkline those stripes...and the powder for the chalkline went everywhere!) It's worse in the bathroom, thanks to the lighting. At least we can mask it a bit in the bedroom with dimmer lights!

The paint we used was from Sherwin Williams, in case you were wondering. I looooove the color we chose, but think a slightly darker blue would be great with the brown as well!

Jennifer said...

BTW, the Matisse has been that photo there, it was still just leaning in wait for the hanging. It's centered on the top stripe as well, and it looks awesome.

faithstwin said...

I hope you took the corner protects off the edges...that's the ONLY thing I took issue with(beside the side tables...) before you hung the Matisse.

Just so you know: I still use a chair for one of my bed side tables. Like I can talk about bedside tables, right?