Friday, December 12, 2008

New stuff!

I just bought this plug-in chandelier for the living room. We probably won't be putting it up until after Christmas, seeing as I have the living room all decked out in red, and this is, well...not red.

But I can't wait for it to come! Eeee!

I've been very lighting-centric around here as of late, havent I? Maybe its the season, but I just love lamps and chandeliers and lighting in general, and I kind of kicked off the theme earlier this week with my post about the glacier lighting trend in 2009. Ooh, which, btw, I found some relatively affordable options online for people, if they are so inclined to follow said trend in the future year...

This is a lovely colored-glass option from Anthropologie. It's the most expensive of the 3 I found online when I looked around a bit, at $1,998. But it is really pretty. So I think it's damned-well worth it, if you have the cash to spend on it!

I didn't even think about looking at Lamps Plus for lighting until I was searching for a mini-chandelier for our master bedroom remodel earlier this past summer. So now I have it saved in my favorites on my computer, because they really have some great lighting options of all shapes and sizes available for super-affordable prices.

This mini-pendant, for example, costs a whopping $180. It's the James R. Moder Granada mini-pendant, in case you're interested. While it has a traditional feel to it, I think it's crystaline nature and acorn shape add a special twist to the glacier trend. It looks like a pretty little ice cube to me...

And then there's this jazzy number. LOVE! Looks like the ball that drops in Time Square at midnight on New Year's Eve. It's middle of the road for these three options cost-wise at $1,280. It's the Schonbek geometrix Clear Geodes Pendant. And I think it would look wonderful in the corner of a more upscale Contemporary Traditional styled living room. Or over my dining table in the kitchen...whatever.

Regardless, my point was to show that this trend is achievable on any size budget. And don't ever, ever count out Lamps Plus. Seriously, check out their website. They have a ridiculous amount of options available to choose from.

(Photos courtesy of Lamps Plus and Anthropologie's websites.)


faithstwin said...

UUGGHHH! I love LOVE looovvveee the expensive ones. FO!

Faith said...

Yeah, but they aren't too expensive. Like over $5,000 expensive, you know? I would totally put that green glass one in your stairwell at your house, if you won the lotto. Totally.