Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm pretty sure he's lying...

My husband is amazing with paint. Since I, in contrast, suck so very badly at anything that involves paint, it makes his abilities stand out that much more.

He did teach me how to "cut in" much better than I used to. This is an example of my work, sans painter tape:
Even I was impressed by that sort of stuff, and I don't impress all that easily. Especially over something like painting. Anyway, here's an example of me complaining about how crappy I am at painting...I knew that my husband was going to be painting a fresh coat of white paint on the trim after we finished the walls, but all the same, I felt terrible about messing up at all while I was cutting in. Hence my complaining about even trying.

You can't see it all that well in this photo, but I painted the final coat in the living room when we painted it in 2006 (again, documented here in the run down of the 4 Gallon Miscalculation Debacle of 2006), and it looks pitiful in some places. My arms and hands get tired after a certain amount of rolling. And so lines in the dried paint can be visible in spots. It's kinda embarrassing.

Anyway, a general argument between my husband and I with the garage remodel concerns the paint going up. We are agreed on the paint color for the will be the same as the paint in the living room, since we have so gosh-darned much of the stuff, still! (Side note: We have an acquaintance that wanted to unload some left over paint she had in her house from a project she did, which she assured us was high quality stuff, and we had planned on using that. The only thing was that she wasn't sure that the colors were all the same, but she wanted to give it to us if we needed it. We accepted her offer, and then every time we saw her, she said she was sorry she had forgotten the paint, but would bring it to us the following week. No joke, this went on for literally months. She finally was able to give it to us at a party we threw to celebrate the completion of the new addition around Christmastime, and we opened the cans last week to see what colors we were dealing with. Only, they aren't really a specific color anymore, so much as they are just a separation of materials that once constituted paint, but now is so old and separate, it just constitutes trash. Gee, thanks acquaintance. Now we have to figure out how to dispose of 3 gallons of crap that is completely useless, and would be harmful in a landfill. Goody. ::rolls eyes:: Moral to the side note: before you give someone something like paint in hopes of being helpful to them in some way, check the quality first. Especially if it's been under your basement stairs for over 10 years. Not that this moral isn't already generally a given amongst most people...)

I am a fan of using paint that we already have in our possession, in the interest of saving some cash, and also using resources that we would otherwise likely just need to dispose of eventually. Our bathroom and bedroom both are different shades of blue, and we have some paint leftover from that project, but it's not a lot of paint. I thought it would be the perfect amount to cover the ceiling in the garage, but Jesse was against that idea. He wants the ceiling to just be white. ::sigh:: I think that's boring, and also a waste of $8. Last night, he informed me that there isn't enough blue paint to cover the ceiling, but I think he's lying. I think he could make it work if he really wanted to. The thing is, I'd do it myself, but painting the ceiling is out of reach for me, literally. It would be very hard for me, as a sucky painter, to complete the overhead job, andplusalso, it would be guaranteed to look absolutely terrible when I finished with it.

So I'm getting a boring, plain, blah white ceiling in my garage. Yay.

BUT! I saw a picture in a recent Elle Decor that I was finally getting around to reading of a high gloss white ceiling that inspired me. So I think that if I have to have white, I'm gonna go high gloss. That will make me happier, I think.
Thing is, I think it'll make Jesse happy, too. Part of his reasoning for not wanting the blue (even a pale blue like we have in our master bedroom and bathroom...) ceiling is because he doesn't want it to feel closed in, or dark at all, as it used to. The high gloss should solve that!
I think I'll go buy it tomorrow, on my lunchbreak...and then give it to him like a present at dinner. :)


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Onsite Support said...

Wow i like all that in white now
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Anonymous said...

Well if you can't be a good painter at least you have him around to do it for you! Although, judging by the pictures, I think you have definitely improved since 2007

garage said...

Looking good. Your husband did the painting pretty good.