Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling Spicy!

Ok, so my plans to completely revamp my spice section of the pantry over the weekend did not happen. BUT! I took pictures. However...I did not upload them yet. I feel compelled to clean up the space, really. But the Superbowl got in the way. That's my best excuse, so I'm sticking with it.

Anyway, it was good that I didn't just go running out to buy any random new spice rack that I came across, IMO. In looking around at the different options available out there today, I found more than I thought I would! Now I just need to sort through them all and decide what will work best. Shoot.

This handy-dandy model is convertable for drawer and countertop usage, so it could be nice in the future should we move somewhere where we can store the spices on our countertops, like I wish we could now. It's an in-drawer model available through for $60. But I can't figure out if the spices are included, or not. It doesn't say, but I hope for that price they are! I don't really need the spices, just the storage for them. So it's not the option for me, personally.
It does come with these nifty labels. So that's nice, I guess.I like this in-drawer option a lot. I found it through the Container Store online. It costs $7, and holds 9 jars...I think I could fit two of them in my drawer at home I want to use, but I'm not sure as I haven't measured yet. The jars are sold separately for $1.50 if you want a white lid, or $2 for the chrome. And they have the plastic shaker top that you can keep on it, if you like that sort of thing. (I don't.)

Another in-drawer option is from Williams-Sonoma. This one comes with 12 jars, and costs $50.
I would definitely need more than 12 jars. I can buy an additional set of 12 jars for $18.
This is a magnetic spice rack from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, which can be used in a drawer, or set up as an easel. But it comes with the spices. Drat. (At a much better price than the one from Target, though. Only $40.)You can get additional jars for $3 each. Which is just crazy, IMO, but ok.

And while this teeny, tiny picture doesn't do it justice, this spice rack might be my Rack o' Choice. It's a 15 jar jobbie from Crate & Barrel, and costs $40. The jars come empty as the day they were born, and I think I could easily fit 2 of them in my pantry, depending on if the measurements are right.
Here's a similar option (with a better picture) from the Container Store. And it might be the winner! It comes with 18 jars, and it only costs $30! Dingdingding!!! I just need to check the measurements, and we'll be golden. Cross your fingers for me!


Lauren said...

Hi Jennifer: Thanks for round up - there are a lot of options. Just wanted to let you and your readers know of one more...

My father invented the SpiceStack to hold 18+ spice bottles from the grocery store (i.e. no transferring!) in your kitchen cabinet. The drop-down drawers make it easy to find and reach your spices while cooking. Its a nice option for people that don't have the counter or drawer space for a fancy rack loaded with spices you may or may not use. You can check out the SpiceStack at

Good Luck!

Lauren Greenwood, President, YouCopia Products Inc.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, looking at all the options that were available was kind of overwhelming in a way, but really, really helpful, too!

The thing is that I'm one of those people that wants a stylish option to my storage solutions. For pity's sake, I use cylindrical vases in my bathrooms to hold extra toilet paper! So my choice for the spice rack was the very last one that I said "ding ding ding!!!" to, actually. Two of them will fit nicely in our pantry, and still leave a lot of room for the larger spice containers we have (my husband gets some in bulk from his spice guy at his restaurant). We will buy in bulk from Whole Foods or hubby's spice guy once we run out of the spices we have from the supermarket. So this is the solution that not only makes sense for us, but is really nice to look at as well!

Oh, and my husband's a chef, so all those "fancy spices"? Yeah, we tend to use a LOT of those. ;)

lyn said...

your rss feed is broken :(